Troubleshoot the enrollment process

Well this will be a short post, but from my experience not everybody knows about this.

So the situation is, that you’ve installed your Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub, started the enrollment process and for some reason it’s failing even before the device reaches the Workspace ONE UEM console and you have absolutely no idea why is that.

The “secret” trick

I would start with a routine sanity check:

  1. Am I using the device services URL (not the console)?
  2. Can I resolve the DNS name correctly?
  3. Is the port 443 open?
  4. Do I have there a trusted SSL certificate?

For the SSL check I would recommend using something like to verify, that you have the correct certificate with the full chain. Checking SSL certs with just getting or not getting the exception in Internet Explorer has proven not enough in some cases.

If everything works, it’s time for the “secret” trick.

If you tap 5 times on the huge Workspace ONE logo in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub application, it will generate a log bundle for you, which you can then either copy to clipboard and inspect on the device, or you can send it to yourself and inspect it on a desktop machine.

You can see it in action here: